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Meet God in the Psalms

The God who Guards. Psalm 121

This is a Psalm for all God's pilgrims travelling through this world.

1. The Protector's Position

Above us -See God in the hills v1.

Alongside us -See God at your right hand. v5

About us -See God between you and trouble v5

For anything to hurt us, He has to permit it to pass.

2. The Protector's Presence

He guards us individually -My help comes from the Lord v2.

He guards us intimately -He keeps my feet v3 Luke12:7

He guards us incessantly -He never sleeps v3,4

3. The Protector's Power

Over big things -He is Creator of heaven and earth v2

Over little things -He Cares even about us slipping v3

Over evil things -He keeps from all evil v7. Ps. 140:1

Over all things -Every going out and coming in, both now and for ever, is under His protection v8. 1 Peter 5:7 Jude 24,25.

4. The Protector's Promise

Read it -This is much more than the experience of pilgrims centuries ago. It is God's Word for you and me now.

Repeat it -Make these words your song every day you live.

Rely on it -He has never failed one pilgrim yet and He will not fail you. Heb. 13:5,6. Gen.28:15.






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